Linking with Other Chapters

Chapter 4 covers the physical fundamentals of the air-handling processes, for example, how to construct the Mollier diagram. This chapter describes the basic processes, for example, how to apply the Mollier diagram as a basic tool in heat-exchanger design. The Systems and Equipment volume describes the actual equipment and the associated technical characteristics: heat exchangers and heat-recovery sections in air-handling units, considering the detailed descrip­tions of various functions, control strategies, etc. This chapter also relates to the basic information presented in

• Chapter 7, basic process design criteria

• Chapter 8, room processes and aspects, air distribution, safety issues

• Chapter 10, local ventilation

Requirements for special items are presented in

• Chapter 11, building system modeling, energy calculations

• Chapter 12, measurements of physical parameters and ventilation processes

Sections 9.2 to 9.8 describe processes and equipment mainly for general industrial ventilation but also for local ventilation.