Two-Zone Model Solutions

Specified solutions of the general two-zone model have been presented previ­ously.1’6’7’9-11

Skдret11 presents a general air and contaminant mass flow model for a space where the air volume, ventilation, filtration, and contaminant emission have been divided for both the zones and the turbulent mixing (diffusion) be­tween the zones is included. A time-dependent behavior of the concentration in the zones with constant pollutant flow rate is presented.

Bach et al.,1 Pozin,9 and Shilkrot and Zhivov1011 present two-zone models for mixing, zoning, and stratification strategies with different air distribution methods.

Mundt6 presents a two-zone model for the calculation of temperature gra­dient within a stratification strategy.

Sandberg et al.8 present a two-zone model for a zoning strategy and active displacement air distribution method.

Sections 8.7.3 and 8.7.4 give examples of the calculation of two-zone air flow and contaminant flow models applied to stratification and zoning strat­egies.