Worker Involvement in the Production Process

Demand for worker involvement in every part of the industrial process must be outlined. Then zones of occupancy, the related activity level and clothing, and how that is expected to vary over a typical day and year should be de­scribed.

Daily work procedure characterization for each worker must be outlined early in the design process.

At a later stage in the design process, when more detailed information is available, the following parameters should be described as a function of time for each worker: breathing zone position, activity level, and clothing value.

One example of how such information can be presented is shown in Table

8.3. Breathing zone location and activity level for one specific worker during a typical workday are listed.

The actual industrial hall has the form of a box of length, width, and height 48.0, 20.0, and 4.4 m, respectively. The origin of the coordinate sys­tem is located in the lower northwest corner of the room. The importance of mapping the breathing zone location can be realized when there is a co­incidence of a high contaminant level and a high activity level combined with a long period of occupancy. As the body increases its pulmonary rate to absorb more oxygen, an airborne contaminant is likely to be absorbed to a higher degree in the body.