Process Air Technology Systems Cleaning Systems

These include equipment for supply air and equipment for exhaust air and gases. Cleaning of supply air is normally called air filtering, when the contam­inant concentration upstream from the air filter is less than, e. g. 1-2 mg/m l Also, chemical filtration can be applied for supply air.

There are many types of cleaning systems and equipment, for example:

• Dynamic separators

• Wet separators

• Electric filters

• Desulfurization equipment (SO^. control)

• Denitrification equipment (NOv control) Conveying Systems

These are mainly pneumatic conveying systems, in which impurities and solid waste, but also materials or goods, are transported by air flows. The sys­tems categories are low-pressure, medium-pressure and high-pressure systems, depending on how heavy the impurities are that the system will transport. Drying Systems

These systems and equipment are used, e. g., in paper machines, using air or radiant drying.