Air Conditioning Systems

Room air conditioning (see Fig. 2.1) systems are used to control the main controlled zone. Systems can be divided into subsystems, e. g.:

• Air-handling systems

• Air distribution systems (ductwork)

• Room air distribution systems

• Ventilation systems

• Room heating and cooling systems

• Main exhaust systems

• Discharge systems: stacks, environmental dispersion

Note: Air distribution systems are not ventilation or air conditioning systems. For example, mixing air distribution and displacement air distribution are methods to bring the supply air to the treated space.

Discharge systems are used to discharge exhaust air to the outdoors in such a way that harmful spreading of pollutants to the environment and back indoors is avoided.

Air Conditioning Systems

Air Conditioning Systems

Local ventilation systems can be divided into the following subsystems:

• Local exhaust

• Local supply, including air curtains (i. e., control of air flow using jets)

• Combined local supply and exhausts

Parts of subsystems include fans, ducts, and filters. Methods for Room Air Conditioning: Basic Strategies

A detailed description of the methods for room air conditioning is pre­sented in Chapter 8. Table 2.1 summarizes the strategies.