Howard D. Goodfellow, Ph. D., P. Eng.

Howard D. Goodfellow is Vice President of Stantec Global Technologies Ltd. Stantec is a Canadian pro­fessional services firm providing knowledge-based solutions for infrastructure and facilities. Stantec sells and markets Goodfellow EFSOP™ (Expert Fur­nace System Optimization Process), an award — winning software and hardware technology system.

Goodfellow EFSOP™ uses online off-gas chemistry measurements from industrial combustion processes for dosed-loop control for process optimization.

The company he founded in 1986, Goodfellow Consultants Inc., received the 1992 Canada Award for Business Excellence (CABE) in the environment field for the development of a computer program for the design of specialized industrial ventilation systems. Dr. Goodfellow is a recognized expert in the ven­tilation, air pollution control, and air quality areas.

He graduated with a Ph. D. from the Department of Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry at the University of Toronto and has been responsible for specialized consulting and engineering design services for over 1000 indus­trial and government clients in the environmental field.

He is an Adjunct Associate Professor in the Department of Chemical Engi­neering and Applied Chemistry at the University of Toronto, where he teaches a graduate course in ventilation and conducts research and development in the ventilation and indoor air quality field. Dr. Goodfellow was awarded the 2T5 Meritorious Service Medal of the Engineering Alumni Association of the Uni­versity of Toronto. The award was for his outstanding contributions as an engi­neer, teacher, researcher, author, and administrator in the field of ventilation and occupational health at the University of Toronto, with global recognition for achievements in the advancement of environmental consulting. Professor Goodfellow also teaches a Mine Ventilation and Occupational Health course at the University of Toronto in the Lassonde Mineral Engineering Programme. Dr. Goodfellow has presented numerous courses internationally in the clean air technology field, both for industrial clients and at conferences and seminars, and he has presented and/or published over 100 technical papers.


Goodfellow has presented numerous courses internationally in the clean air technology field, both for industrial clients and at conferences and seminars, and he has presented and/or published over 100 technical papers.

Dr. Goodfellow has worked with TEKES and the INVENT team in Fin­land since 1993. He spent three months (April-June 1997) lecturing at the Helsinki University of Technology, initiating research projects in the ventila­tion field, and working with Finnish experts in the planning stages of the De­sign Guidebook.

ABOUT THE EDITORSEsko Tahti, Ms, S. Eng.

Esko Tahti is Managing Director of Suomen Talotek — niikan Kehityskeskus Oy (TAKE, Finnish Develop­ment Centre for Building Services, Ltd.). The company is owned by Finnish associations and com­panies in the business area of building services. The company is established to accomplish R&D projects in the field of building services.

The company was founded in 1991 and started its activities in 1996 when Esko Tahti became its manag­ing director. TAKE’s scope of activities includes the whole area of building services. Its other major projects have been in the area of energy use in buildings, life cycle economy, water services, indoor air control, clustering, and IT technologies and automation.

One of the first projects has been the Design Guidebook, the “bible” of industrial ventilation. The project has been administrated by the COST secre­tariat. Esko Tahti has been Chairman of the Management Committee together with Helsinki University of Technology Professor Markku Lampinen and re­searcher Kalevi Pontinen.

Esko Tahti graduated in 1967 from the Helsinki University of Technology Laboratory of Applied Thermodymanics. He has been working in different positions in the Finnish companies Metso (Valmet Paper Machines), ABB, and Nokia and also in the Ministry of Environment and Helsinki University of Technology. He has held various positions within Finnish organizations in the area of building services, acting as teacher, researcher, author, and administra­tor. One important role has been in international projects, especially at the Eu­ropean level and as a contact person for Russian scientists in the area of industrial ventilation. Esko Tahti was also the coordinator of the Finnish tech­nology program INVENT for the period 1991-1996. This program initiated this handbook during an international brainstorming session at Zurich in 19 95.