Advantages of Hydronic Heating Systems

There are several distinct advantages to using hot-water heating as opposed to steam heating. For one thing, hot-water heating is more flexible than low-pressure (above-atmospheric) steam systems because the temperature may be widely varied. Due to the low working temperature of the water, the heat from a hot-water sys­tem is relatively mild, and the room atmosphere is not robbed of any of its healthful qualities. Moreover, these systems function as reservoirs for storing heat, because the radiators remain warm a considerable length of time after the fire in the boiler is extin­guished. Other advantages of hydronic heating are:

• Delivery of uniform, comfortable heat without the annoying problems of cold pockets or stratification.

• Comfortable humidity levels.

• Less energy is used to circulate water than to blow air through a duct system.

• Quiet operation.

• Easy zoning.

• No possibility of dust, allergens, and unhealthful organisms being trapped in ductwork.

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