Why Air Filters?

A filter is a component of a system which, in conjunction with other compo­nents, can contribute toward a better indoor environment. Ventilation System Protection

Several major studies of indoor-air quality problems1 have shown that fil­ters would have been able to prevent blocked ducts, fans, and heat exchang­ers. Other major IAQ problems such as impurities from outside and microorganisms in the system need not arise given the correct choice of filter.

A precondition for maintaining function for a good number of years is that the system should be effectively protected, both on inlet and outlet ex­haust systems. Impurities must be stopped at the inlet and not be allowed to get into the system. An F7 (EU7) filter is the most economic filter as regards operating costs and cleaning as well as management of the plant, Hygiene Requirement

Every day we breathe about 20-30 kg of air and take in 1 kg of solid and 3 kg of liquid food. We should therefore make the same requirement of the air as we do of food and drink.