Some fan applications

This Chaptergives some indication of the many uses forfans. Fans & Ventilation is not intended to be a text book on ventilation and or air conditioning. Rather it seeks to address the problems that exist at the interface between fan manufacturers and users. Furthermore it hopes to show that there are many uses for fans outside these traditional areas. Chapter 1 gave a historical perspective to some of these applications, but this Chapter endeavours to demonstrate some of the sizing rules and features which should be included.

There are many manufacturers who will refuse to give a quotation for a fan unless the enquiry contains a flowrate and a pressure. Equally there are users, and even consultants, who do not know how to calculate these basic parameters. The examples which follow are just a small selection of the myriad applications of which fans are a part. They emphasize that there are a number of uses beyond the normal. There are also many other applications which could have been added such as marine and defence ventilation, bulk tanker ventilation, cooling towers, chillers, crop drying and storage, animal house ventilation, etcetera, etcetera.

This however would have presented enormous space problems and would perhaps be better left to a separate book. It is also necessary to point out that even those applications which have been included, have of necessity, been treated by an overview without all the detail which could have been included. The selection is therefore arbitrary and idiosyncratic, reflecting yet again the author’s personal interests and preferences.

Finally, it should be noted that this Chapter has been titled “Some fan applications” rather than “Case studies”. The latter title has been used by other product guides, but most fan companies have an applications department and there are even computer programmes which glory in the title “FANAPPS”.

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