Many of the chapters in this book deal with the criteria and stan­dards which are of importance in correctly specifying a fan. Chapter 17 deals with the implementation of testing and quality control. These are concerned, among other topics, with guar­antees of performance and quality. Criteria for service life and reliability have not yet been standardised, however. Over and above the technical requirements, suitable general terms and conditions of delivery should be agreed.

The purchase documents should contain references to legisla­tive regulations and requirements affecting design, to the prop­erties of the air or gas being handled and to the operating condi­tions and function of the fan. Only in this way can the manufacturer ascertain if a standard unitwill be satisfactory or if special materials or designs should be recommended. If partic­ular local legislation must be observed, than a copy should be enclosed by the purchaser with his enquiry.

It is unlikely that the manufacturer will have access to obscure regulations and legislation. This is not said to encourage those prospective purchasers who enclose everything including “the kitchen sink" with their enquiries to ensure that any omissions are never their fault. Review of the enquiry should ensure that it includes all relevant material but no more! “Bumf is the scourge of our industry sector!

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