Whose responsibility?

A measure which has been introduced in legislation by a num­ber of countries is to limit the value of Watts/litre/sec for the fans in a particular building. It is usual to take the total flow of air — supply or extract, whichever is the greater—and divide this into the total installed motor power. The value is usually between 1 and 1.5. It should be noted that motors are invariably rated in kW whilst fans have flowrates above fractional defined in m3/s.


KW/m3/s =w/l/s

As 1000 litres = 1m3

And 1000 Watts 1 kW


KW = m3/sxkPa



….. 3 , kPa kW/m Is =


Whilst many system designers, when confronted with such specifications, attempt to pass it on to the fan supplier, they must realise that they are the most important party in comply­ing. It is primarily a question of reducing system pressures by lowering duct velocities, decreasing the number of bends, lengths of straight, etc. Increasing fan and motor efficiency is of lesser importance.

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