AMCA Laboratory Registration Programme


The purpose of the AMCA Laboratory Registration Programme is to provide a means for laboratories to be qualified for testing of products in accordance with appropriate AMCA standard test methods, or other test methods recognized by AMCA. Only data obtained in an AMCA Registered Laboratory or the AMCA Testing Laboratory will be accepted for use in AMCA’s Certified Ratings Programme.


The AMCA Laboratory Registration Programme applies to lab­oratories capable of testing in accordance with the standard test methods. The Laboratory Registration License will specifi­cally specify for which standard test method, or methods, the laboratory is registered.


The Licence

1) The License is a legal contract which specifies the terms under which AMCA authorizes a person, firm, or corpora­tion to participate in the AMCA Registered Laboratory Programme.

2) Amca Registered Laboratory is a laboratory equipped and staffed to conduct tests according to the appropriate AMCA test method listed in Appendix A and which has been inspected by a staff engineer and duly approved by the Executive Director.

3) Amca Testing Laboratory is the association’s laboratory in Arlington Heights, Illinois.



Prospective licensees may have their laboratories registered by making application to the AMCA office and completing the registration requirements. Applications for registration (form LRP 2) shall be obtained from the AMCA office or the AMCA Testing Laboratory, completed and returned with the informa­tion specified therein. The application will be reviewed by the AMCA staff and the applicant notified of any changes or further information necessary to comply with the requirements of the standard test method or methods for which registration is re­quested.

Witness test

When the staff is satisfied with the information provided, a wit­ness test will be arranged on a product, or products, selected by AMCA within the limitations of the laboratory to be registered. The products used for the witness test may be furnished by the laboratory or by AMCA.

The object of the witness test is to determine whether or not the laboratory is equipped and staffed to carry out tests in accor­dance with all of the requirements of the appropriate standard test method. One or more tests will be witnessed by an AMCA staff engineer. Laboratory personnel normally assigned to test­ing products shall conduct the test. The AMCA staff engineer will take no part in the test but will observe calibration methods, instrument readings and check critical dimensions on the test setup and the test device.

Immediately following the completion of the witness test, the AMCA staff engineer shall be provided with copies of log sheets and calibration curves.

Check test

The results of the witness test will be sent to the AMCA office along with the product(s) tested. The products will then be tested in the AMCA laboratory. The results of the witness test and the test in the AMCA laboratory will be compared by the AMCA staff. The results shall be as allowed by the require­ments of the appropriate Certified Ratings Programme in Ap­pendix B.

License agreement

If, in the opinion of the AMCA staff, the laboratory is in compli­ance with the specified AMCA test method, the laboratory will be registered upon the signing of a License Agreement and the payment of the scheduled fees. At this time a Certificate of Reg­istration will be issued by the AMCA office.

Reference to AMCA registered laboratory

Literature or advertisement

The term “AMCA Registered Laboratory” or any variation thereof shall not be used in any catalogue product literature, or advertisement that contains product performance, except when all products are licensed to bear the AMCA Certified Rat­ings Seal for all data published.

In catalogues, product literature or advertisements that are general in nature and do not contain product performance data, reference may be made to the fact that the company maintains an “AMCA Registered Laboratory”.

The term “AMCA Registered Laboratory” shall be marked with an asterisk referenced to the following statement which must be included on the same page.

Product performance data based on tests in an AMCA Regis­tered Laboratory are not to be construed as being licensed to bear the AMCA seal.

Individual test data

Individual test results may indicate that the data was obtained in an AMCA Registered Laboratory by use of the following state­ment:

This test data obtained in a laboratory registered by AMCA for (insert appropriate test method: AMCA Publication 210 Air Per­formance, AMCA Publication 500 Leakage, etc) testing. Data is not certified by AMCA.

Other statements

No statements shall be made which implies that the results per­formed in one AMCA Registered Laboratory are better, more accurate, or more reliable, than those from any other registered laboratory.

Settlement of disputes

Any disagreement concerning administration of the Laboratory Registration Programme between the Executive Director and the licensee that cannot be resolved will be submitted by the Executive Vice President to the Executive Committee. If the disagreement still cannot be resolved, it shall be put before the Board of Directors. In the event that resolution is not achieved by the Board of Directors, the AMCA President will obtain the services of three impartial persons, acceptable to the licensee and not directly associated with the air movement and control industry, to form a Final Appeals Board.

The decision of the Final Appeals Board shall be binding on both parties and the costs of convening the Board, together with the cost of laboratory tests to resolve the dispute, will be borne by the party in error.

These paragraphs are of necessity a brief outline of the Labora­tory Accreditation programme. They confirm those parts of AMCA Publication 111, which are considered of importance to manufacturers and users.

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