Combination baseframes

A rigid base which allows the fan, motor and drives to be trans­ported and installed as a complete unit is often desirable. It en­sures that the various items are correctly aligned and that vee belt drives are correctly tensioned. When anti-vibration mount­ings are fitted below the baseframe it becomes essential to en­sure that both fan and motor vibrate as one and that belt tension is maintained by fixing their relative positions. (It would be help­ful to refer to Chapter 8, Figure 8.8.)

Baseframes are of many varieties but the following are the most popular:

A) Combination baseframes Combination baseframesFabricated from rolled steel channels welded or bolted to­gether as appropriate. A heavy duty construction, which gives the desired mass when used with anti-vibration mountings, (see Figure 16.8).

Combination baseframes

Figure 16.8 Fan set on rolled steel channel baseframe 262 FANS & VENTILATION

B) Sheet steel fabrication of appropriate depth to give rigidity, usually constructed from parts produced by a turret punch or a laser (see Figure 16.9).

C) Angled fabrication from slotted square section (see again Figure 16.1) designed to give reduced drive centres and an overall reduced “footprint”.

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