CARB® toroidal roller bearings

One of the most significant advances in fan design in recent years has been the introduction of the CARB® toroidal roller bearings. These are particularly appropriate where, as in high temperature fans, expansion of the shaft takes place.


The CARB® bearing is a single row roller bearing with relatively long, slightly crowned roller and is used in conjunction with other types of locating bearings such as ball or spherical rollers (see Figure 10.27).

The inner and outer ring raceways are correspondingly con­cave and symmetrical. The outer ring raceway geometry is based on a torus, hence the term toroidal roller bearing.

This toroidal roller bearing is designed as a non-locating bear­ing that combines the self-aligning ability of a spherical roller bearing with the ability to accommodate axial displacement like a cylindrical or needle roller bearing. Additionally, if required, the toroidal roller bearing can be made as compact as a needle roller bearing.

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