Fan arrangements and designation

Of discharge position

The need for understanding between fan manufacturers and system designers is nowhere more apparent than in the nomenclature for describing the fan inlet and outlet orientation. The history of attempts at removing any possible misunderstanding is described with a few words, but the illustrations are of most importance. Someone once said that one good picture is worth a thousand words. For once the author was dumbstruck!

Over the years the need for understanding between manufac­turers and their customers has determined that an agreed no­menclature for centrifugal fans and their components was ab­solutely essential. This applied to both positions of the outlet flange and the mechanical driving arrangements. Motor posi­tions for indirect drives also had to be categorised. Whilst indi­vidual companies often had their own coding, this was not nec­essarily helpful in a competitive situation. Confusion could arise e. g., when one manufacturer’s Arrangement 1 was designated Arrangement 3 by another.

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