Surface finishes

Surface finish is an important aspect of fan appearance at the present time. Often fans are contained in plant rooms that are visible to the public.

Surface finish is also important in maintaining the underlying materials in good condition. There are numerous ways of pro­tecting the surfaces of a machine.

Important to the successful completion of most surface finish systems is adequate preparation of the base material to ensure adhesion for an appropriate coating thickness.

The Swedish Standard SS 055900 has received wide accep­tance with its Sa grades. These are given in Table 7.4. It is stated that this Standard is equivalent to ISO 8501-1.



Sa 1

Light blast cleaning removing the worst millscale and rust

Sa 2

Blast cleaning to remove the majority of millscale and rust

Sa 2Ya

Thorough blast cleaning with some remaining surface staining

Sa 3

Blast cleaning to pure metal with no remaining surface staining

Table 7.4 Surface preparation grades

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