Physical hazards

Physical hazards include fire and explosions as well as corro­sion and temperature. The degree of risk attached to the haz­ard is dependant upon the properties of the gas and the solid content.

The fan equipment itself may pose a physical hazard. Within the European Union, the Machinery Directive, 89/392/EEC, and the amending directive 91/368/EEC, which came into force on 1st January 1993, place the responsibility for safety on the machine designer. The machine must be designed to be safe in all aspects:

• installation

• commissioning

• operation

• maintenance

If the designer is unable to devise a completely safe machine the areas of concern must be documented and recommended precautions communicated to the user. Because this is a legal requirement in all EU countries the machine designer may not be relieved of the obligations by a third party. A supporting European ‘C’ type standard is EN 14461.

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