Vane axial fan (upstream guide vanes — USGV)

This is an axial fan with guide vanes upstream of the impeller. Pre-rotation of the air in the opposite direction to the impeller ro­tation means that lift forces, and hence the fan pressure are in­creased. The impeller removing the swirl pressure develop­ment can be higher than the corresponding DSGV fan albeit with a narrowing of the flow range. (See Figures 1.82 and 1.83).

Vane axial fan (upstream guide vanes - USGV)

Figure 1.82 Vane axial fan — (USGV upstream guide vanes)

Vane axial fan (upstream guide vanes - USGV)

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Figure 1.83 Vane axial fan — (USGV) — typical characteristic curves

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