Definitions and classification

In the early years of fans the design and manufacturing engi­neers were too busy making the things work to worry overmuch about definitions and classification. Once they had become es­tablished, however, these topics proved irresistible to academ­ics and administrators. They have occupied their minds ever since.

It was not until 1972 that Eurovent produced its document 1/1 which gave agreed terms and definitions for fans and theircom- ponents. This document was subsequently adopted by ISO and became ISO 13348. The content of this is described in more detail in this Chapter and in Chapters 9 and 11.

It should be apparent that classification can sometimes prove restrictive. Again the analogy with automobiles will indicate likely difficulties — estate cars had to become “people carriers" MPVs and stationwagons to sufficiently describe what was available.

Even the definition of what exactly is a fan has proved difficult for the industry to accept. The differences between it and a compressor are still the subject of much argument.

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