Solar optical properties

Any optical material obey the following law under any given wave length: T+a+p=1

T, a, and p are function of А,

Solar optical properties

Total solar heat excluded-16%

подпись: total solar heat excluded-16%

Total solar heat admitted-84%

подпись: total solar heat admitted-84%

Figure 6-10 Distribution of solar radiation falling on clear plate glass.

подпись: figure 6-10 distribution of solar radiation falling on clear plate glass.Where t = transmittance

A = absorptance p = reflectance X = wave length (m)

Transmitted solar radiation-80%

подпись: transmitted solar radiation-80%Further,

А, f = c

Where f = frequency (HZ)

C = light speed (3xl08 m/s)

Architectural glass:

Opaque to long-wave radiation Transparent to short-wave radiation (sun light)

This is the well-known greenhouse effect.

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