Other assemblies

• Below-grade walls

Q = U A (Tground " Ti)

Where Q = heat flow rate

U = U-factor of basement wall (Table 5-8 in the textbook)

A = area of basement wall below grade Tground = ground surface temperature T; = inside air temperature

Tground — Tavg — Amp

Where Tavg = average winter temperature (Table 5-10 in the textbook)

Amp = amplitude of ground temperature variation (Figure 5-7 in the textbook)

• Below-grade floors Q = U A (Tground " Ti)

Where U = U-factor (Table 5-9 in the textbook)

A= basement floor area

• Slab-on-ground construction Q = U’ P (T0 — Ti)

Where U’ = heat transmission loss per linear meter of slab edge (Table 5-11 in the textbook) P = perimeter of slab T0 = outdoor design temperature

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