Fan-coil systems

The systems can be with air-water or all water. They can be further divided into

• Two-pipe: Either hot or cold water

• Three-pipe: Two supplies and one for common return

• Four-pipe: Two for supply and the other two for return.

Fan Coil Unit

Coil connections

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Auxiliary condensate pan

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Fan-coil systems


Fig. 9 Four-Pipe System Room Unit Control

Fan coil unit consists of:0

New fan coils usually have separate coils for heating and cooling that increases first cost compared to the units with a single coil. However, four-pipe system is more flexible than two — pipe system, and does not require “changeover” or zone reheat.

The fan coil unit is flexible, can condition w/o primary air and has better filtration than the induction unit. Primary air is directly supplied to space if the system is air-water.

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