Performance evaluation of cycles

Performance evaluation of cycles: comparisons with the ideal Carnot heat engine that is a totally reversible heat engine or pump.

Q °c T of reservoir (absolute scale)

(1) “Efficiency” (r)) of a Heat Engine

Carnot cycle. "HCamot 1 rp , ^1 Real Process ^ ^1 Carnot

"H Real Process ^ ^

Real irreversibilities:

• Friction, electrical resistance, heat transfer across finite temperature difference, …

(2) “Coefficient of Performance” (COP) of a Heat Pump

Heating conditions (heat pump):

Performance evaluation of cyclesO

Carnot cycle: COPHeat Camot

Cooling conditions (refrigeration): O


Carnot cycle: COPCoolCarnot ~——


For energy exchange with the same two thermal reservoirs: O



Pump A


подпись: cop
pump a
Carnot efficiency of a heat pump: r

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