A very large variety of smaller self-contained refrigeration and air-conditioning packages are made, mainly for the consumer durable market and small domes­tic applications. They include:

• Domestic refrigerators and freezers.

• Retail display cold and freezer cabinets and counters.

• Cooling trays for bottles (beer, soft drinks, wines).

• Instantaneous draught beer coolers. These usually comprise a tank of constantly chilled water, through which the beverage flows in stainless steel piping.

• Ice makers — cubes and flakes.

• Cooled vending machines.

• Soft ice-cream freezers.

• Dehumidifiers, in which air is passed first over the evaporator to remove moisture and then over the condenser to re-heat and lower the humidity (see Figure 26.1).

• Drinking water chillers.

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