Manufacturers’ test procedures for packaged units may include some of the following:

1. Safety pressure tests and leak tests should always be included (see also Section 11.3).

2. Rating test, from a representative unit which forms the basis for the published capacity and application leaflets.

3. Type tests, which verify the product as designed will function properly when applied within the required operating envelope, and fail safe when subjected to certain abnormal operating modes.

4. Rating check tests on a proportion of production units, to verify that standards are being maintained.

5. Function tests on all production units, to verify correct operation of components.

6. A short-running test at normal conditions to check for reliability of operation plus, possibly, an approximate capacity check.

7. Run at maximum operating conditions.

Factory test procedures can be costly, but are much more efficient than per­forming the work in the field. Records will be kept of all such tests and, in the case of larger units, manufacturers will, if asked, provide a certified copy of the test on the equipment supplied.

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