Installation and Construction


Successful site erection of plant demands coordination of the following:

1. Site access or availability

2. Supply on time, and safe storage, of materials

3. Availability of layout drawings, flow diagrams, pipework details, control and wiring circuits, material lists and similar details

4. Availability at the correct time of specialist trades and services — builders, lifting equipment, labourers, fitters, welders, electricians, commissioning engineers, etc.

Site work is now mostly carried out by subcontractors representing special­ist trades. It is essential that authority and executive action are in the hands of a main contractor and that this authority is acknowledged by the subcontractors. If this is not so, delays and omissions will occur, with divided responsibility and lack of remedial action.

The controlling authority must, well before the start of works, draw up a mate­rial delivery and progress chart and see that all subcontractors (and the customer) are in agreement and that they are kept informed of any changes.

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