Piping circuits will usually contain a small quantity of dirt, scale and swarf, no matter what care is taken to keep these out. A strainer is fitted in the com­pressor suction to trap such particles before they can enter the machine. Such strainers are of metal mesh and will be located where they can be removed for cleaning. In some configurations two strainers may be fitted.

As an extra safeguard, on new compressors a fabric liner may be fitted inside the mesh strainer to catch fine dirt which will be present. Such liners must be removed at the end of the running-in period, as they create a high resistance to gas flow.

Oil strainers may be of metal mesh and within the sump, in which case the sump must be opened for cleaning. Self-cleaning disc strainers are also used,
the dirt falling into a drain pot or into the sump itself. There is an increasing tendency to provide replaceable fabric oil filters external to the compressor body, following automobile practice.

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