Information Sources

There are several sources of information on LCA methodology and of LCA studies. There are a considerable number of cross-references in these informa­tion sources, so only a few of them need be considered here in order to pro­vide a starting point for further studies.

The ISO 14040 standards1 are now complete as far as the framework is concerned. However, work is being undertaken in preparing technical reports that give practical examples on the use of these standards.

SETAC, the Society for Eco-toxicology and Chemistry, has a special theme on LCA and has initiated working groups and conferences and produced sev­eral reports and guidelines on LCA methodology.8 Information on SETAC’s activities can be found at Www. setac. org.

The EU has shown interest in LCA as a tool in product policies. An inte­grated product policy (IPP) is being developed in which LCA plays an impor­tant role. The EU has shown interest in LCA in its support for research in the EU framework programs, in directives where LCA is mentioned, and in LCA information by the European Environmental Agency, EEA.

There are a number of LCA databases and software available which sim­plify the tasks involved. Some are freeware, but most are commercial, with prices ranging from 100 EURO to about 10 000 EURO. The EEA publishes a list of LCA expertise and tools.

A few international journals are available that have LCA as a theme, in­cluding the International Journal of LCA and the Journal of Cleaner Produc­tion. The Journal of Industrial Ecology sometimes contains LCA articles.