The Goal and Scope Phase2

The goal and scope definitions inform the reader of the intended use of the study, including

• system functions,

• the functional unit,

• system products,

• corresponding boundaries,

• how to handle allocation procedures, and

• what forms of environmental impacts will be considered.

It also specifies data requirements, assumptions, limitations, eventual type of critical review, and the report requirements. For example, a study could be done to select between one of two materials when developing a dust transport container for a baghouse filter. The intended audience may be the designers, the results being used to indicate which one of the two materials provides the lowest environmental impact. The system function may be to transport dust from the baghouse filter to a landfill site, and the functional unit may be one metric ton or m3 of dust. The system boundaries may be described by consid­ering which processes are included and which are outside the system limits,