Conclusions and Recommendations

We conclude by repeating a few general important points.

The application of CFD modeling is a very promising tool, and its use can be very helpful in a large number of applications but also requires some expe­rience of the CFD engineer to produce accurate results.

A number of general methods and methods particularly suited to and needed for ventilation in large industrial rooms are presented in the previous sections. They differ in complexity of effort and accuracy of results and there­fore are applied at different stages of the design process.

Usually, quite a number of parameter variations are needed, and different levels of simplification of the real situation have to be applied at different stages of the design process to draw the desired conclusions.

It is greatly recommended that strong feedback between the designer who needs the results and the CFD engineer is maintained to improve the results in­crementally and also to produce results that are really needed. It is in fact an iterative design procedure.